Introducing THE Awards Arab World ...

While all of THE’s awards remain completely unrelated to our rankings (a panel of judges assesses entries subjectively and collectively, so there is no calibration of an institution’s performance against strict metrics), it makes sense for our regional focus to be consistent across the organisation. We have therefore made a small adjustment to the geographical coverage of these awards compared to last year’s THE Awards MENA, renaming them THE Awards Arab World to reflect this.

Our aim remains the same across all our awards – to identify and promote innovative and inspirational work taking place at higher education institutions, whatever their size, reputation or focus, and wherever they may be located. So award-winning entries may come from world-renowned institutions or those less well-known and working in their own uniquely challenging circumstances.

Our range of categories allows you to showcase excellence in specific areas of university activity, covering both administrative and academic achievements.

These awards are free to enter , so we very much hope you will put forward your best recent achievements and look forward to reading your submissions.

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